Video Processing in The Cloud

Most of the large websites out there have really great compatibility with all devices. Regardless if you are using a super slow DSL service or a super fast connection you can be assured that you will get a watchable video. This is all made possible with something called live transcoding. The way it works is very simple. The broadcaster sends a stream to the provider. Usually its best if they send out the highest quality possible. Then the provider takes that stream and breaks it down to a couple different qualities. 3 different qualities including the original is pretty standard. So you end up with a high, medium, and a low. Usually the low quality stream ends up being the stream for mobile devices. This is so because there are still phones out there that only run off of 3G. For this reason it would be best to provide it a low bandwidth stream so they don’t get constant buffering. There are many provider options when it comes to transcoding solutions.

With them it appears your can get decent quality and a pretty good amount of bandwidth for a good price. We will be contacting them pretty soon to see if we can get more details on their plans. If you are completely new to streaming check out the wikipedia streaming page. It should be able to break down the basics for you.

Update: We are just starting our website. If you have any ideas for article you would like to see let us know.

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