How to unblock YouTube with proxy sites and beat web filters at work or school

proxy serversWe have all been there, bored and work or school with nothing else to do. The only thing you have in front of you is a computer with limited internet access.

If you were only able to unblock YouTube, you know time would go by a lot faster. But its blocked by web filters. Well now you can beat those filters!

If you visit the official free proxy usa website, you will see a cool list of proxy sites.

These sites allow you to enter a URL that you would like to visit that is currently blocked. With these sites you basically have access to complete unfiltered internet. Now of course like anything there are a few drawbacks.

Sometimes when you visit a website you might have to use the mobile version. This is so because these kinds of proxies are not yet to the point where they can fully process web pages like a real web browser does.

There is also the possibility that the page you are using is not fully working for this same reason. However on important websites like YouTube, they have made sure that at the very least the video loads.

Sure not being able to read comments sucks but at least you have the video you can watch.We have heard there are some cases where savvy sysadmins block these proxy sites from the network.

However don’t worry! It appears that tons of these sites are created everyday. So if one dies out, there will be a new one to take its place shortly after.

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