How to unblock YouTube with proxy sites and beat web filters at work or school

proxy serversWe have all been there, bored and work or school with nothing else to do. The only thing you have in front of you is a computer with limited internet access.

If you were only able to unblock YouTube, you know time would go by a lot faster. But its blocked by web filters. Well now you can beat those filters!

If you visit the official free proxy usa website, you will see a cool list of proxy sites.

These sites allow you to enter a URL that you would like to visit that is currently blocked. With these sites you basically have access to complete unfiltered internet. Now of course like anything there are a few drawbacks.

Sometimes when you visit a website you might have to use the mobile version. This is so because these kinds of proxies are not yet to the point where they can fully process web pages like a real web browser does.

There is also the possibility that the page you are using is not fully working for this same reason. However on important websites like YouTube, they have made sure that at the very least the video loads.

Sure not being able to read comments sucks but at least you have the video you can watch.We have heard there are some cases where savvy sysadmins block these proxy sites from the network.

However don’t worry! It appears that tons of these sites are created everyday. So if one dies out, there will be a new one to take its place shortly after.

Colocation powering cloud processing

By now you have probably heard all of the hype when it comes to “the cloud”. For those that don’t really know any better they think the cloud is this magical place where everything is just automatically handled. However some of us nerds realize that there is a computer somewhere taking all this data and processing it. More than likely all of these large cloud companies have their servers in colocation. If you don’t know colo is when a company takes spacial computers called servers and places them in a build where large amount of internet fiber and tons of backup power is available.

Besides some of the main markets for datacenters there also some small more convenience places where companies put up their servers for colocation. For example Irvine is a really good up and coming location. You can find more in at this site below.

What makes a location like this attractive is the ability to have much easier access to your server when you need it and not having to be stuck in some traffic jam. Also some of these companies that are not in a downtown area might be able to offer you a better deal as far as space goes since they are not bound by floors on a skyscraper. For example in Irvine there is about a handful or providers that offer great service. Lots of actual cloud providers host their servers there. If you do some research you might just find out.

Video Processing in The Cloud

Most of the large websites out there have really great compatibility with all devices. Regardless if you are using a super slow DSL service or a super fast connection you can be assured that you will get a watchable video. This is all made possible with something called live transcoding. The way it works is very simple. The broadcaster sends a stream to the provider. Usually its best if they send out the highest quality possible. Then the provider takes that stream and breaks it down to a couple different qualities. 3 different qualities including the original is pretty standard. So you end up with a high, medium, and a low. Usually the low quality stream ends up being the stream for mobile devices. This is so because there are still phones out there that only run off of 3G. For this reason it would be best to provide it a low bandwidth stream so they don’t get constant buffering. There are many provider options when it comes to transcoding solutions.

With them it appears your can get decent quality and a pretty good amount of bandwidth for a good price. We will be contacting them pretty soon to see if we can get more details on their plans. If you are completely new to streaming check out the wikipedia streaming page. It should be able to break down the basics for you.

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